I started working on this website and YouTube channel during a time when everything was relatively slow. The pandemic has forced people to stay home and detach from other people, and work. Being stuck at home, with pretty much nothing to do, is ideal for a starting blogger like me. But I knew it wasn’t going to stay that way. I knew a time will come when life will slowly creep in, and make it difficult for me to keep shooting and editing videos, writing articles, and doing stuff for work. I knew it won’t be easy, but I did it anyway. I was determined to keep doing all these because it’s something I like to do and keep doing.

This week’s just the first week that I’m “officially” back to work. I’ve started working on learning materials last month. But now that we’re expected to return to work, with meetings every day, and outputs to submit, I can finally sense exactly how difficult this is going to be, especially when I need to go to school and have seven hours of actual teaching a day. To be honest, just on the first day back, I already thought about whether I can make it all work or not.

Everyone who knows me well knows that my main love language is “Words of Affirmation.” I express and feel love best with words. Within the past couple of days, I received three important messages with words that are enough to tell me to keep going.

from a student

When I uploaded my last vlog, my intention was just to let others know what it’s like to be in my class. I didn’t expect that such a fun video would bring me to tears. I got a comment on that video from a student I had on my first year of teaching five years ago.

The student thanked me for being the kind of teacher that I am and told me how I was able to inspire him to be better. He also said that he was able to bring with him the “cute principles” I used to try to instill in them. He even told me that “in a world full of darkness, you glowed and shared wisdom to everyone.” Teachers don’t earn much, and some of the things we do are often thankless. But words like this from a student makes it all worth it.

I used to say that my ultimate goal as a teacher is to inspire at least one student in my lifetime to be a better version of himself. And I can’t believe that, at just five years in the profession, I’ve already reached that goal.

from a teacher

When I was in second-year high school, we had a project in Creative Writing. We were supposed to come up with a notebook containing things that are special to us. One of the things I did for that project was to give small pieces of colored paper to my friends and teachers in Makati Science where they would write their short messages to me. I would always thank the Lord that He gave me that idea because it gave birth to one of the biggest reasons why I decided to be a teacher.

We had a new English language teacher that year, and she easily became my favorite teacher. She had a unique way of teaching that made me look forward to her class always. I looked up to her which is why I was shy to give my piece of paper to her. To my surprise, she rejected my piece of paper! She told me it was too small and she needed a bigger one. After some time, I received a full-pledged two-page letter written on a lovely brown stationary!

I can’t say exactly everything in that letter. What I can only say is that for someone who had little self-esteem and confidence, that letter meant the world to me. She believed in me more than I believed in myself. She made me feel like I am capable of doing greater things than I let myself believe. I let her know that she is one of my greatest influences in teaching.

And when I posted on Facebook the comment I got from my student, this teacher saw it and sent me a message that made me cry when I opened that message the moment I woke up. She told me she’s proud of the teacher I’ve become. She told me that seeing that message from my student makes her thankful that she became an influence in my life, and that it makes her feel that at least once in her life, she was an effective and excellent teacher. Her past student being thanked by her past student is the true reward for her. And most of all, she told me to continue to pay it forward, as our influence as teachers will never stop.

from The Father

During this pandemic, I tried my best to make sure that daily devotion is part of my morning routine. I found that it helps me become more focused on my day, and it gives me a kind of energy to get me through the day. And during this time when I was doubting that I’d be able to make all these things work, God talked to me through my morning devotions.

Psalms 59:17 says, “You are my strength, I sing praises to you; you, God, are my fortress, my God whom I can rely upon.” I dreaded the amount of work, thinking that my time will not be enough, that my strength will not be enough, that I will not be enough. I was right, those things are not enough. I wasn’t going to make it, not without God as my strength.

All these messages, I know, were sent to me not by accident. I know I received them when I needed to receive them. May I always be reminded of these three messages whenever things get tough. And if you, who are reading this, also need a message to inspire you to keep moving, maybe this is your message.

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  1. The noble profession of educating is indeed leaving dents to young students if delivered with passion. I recall another story of my blogger friend and teacher as well, on how his style was able to mold his students, unknowingly, until many parents have thanked him. He took the extra mile to reach out and was able to coach a few students with their issues outside school setup. I am so happy that get you positive feedback from your students.

  2. i have always had high respect to teachers.. their life is never easy. but with your dedication, us students grew up to the life we have now. every teacher we had since we started studying has made us who we are now. shempre halos buong buhay natin nasa school tayo. well, 14 years for me in preschool to highschool plus 6 years in college so thats still more than half of my life at the moment. its great to know you are appreciated ano. know that you will always be appreciated.

  3. I am so glad that the educational system in the Philippines is growing and teachers are learning to utilize the resources and new technology to teach their students despite the challenge of being isolated at home due to the pandemic. My mom is a teacher and it is not easy an easy to job to educate your students because each of them has different personalities and ways on how they learn effectively. I guess this is a wake-up call for all teachers out there who are still very traditional with their teaching style.

  4. My teacher heart is beaming with pride while I am reading your post. You know, there are times I feel I am not doing enough for the kids or I am not earning enough for myself and my family. But, I can never run away from teaching. I know how hard teaching is so do not worry that you cannot sustain your blog and YT. Just do it when you have time left to breathe. You inspire me to write a post about teaching. I usually separate my writing and teaching life. 😅❤

  5. I am also part of the academe, same with you, I just started my blogging career because I also felt that this thing is where I’m really into. Despite the busy schedule we have as educators, there will always be a time that will come across that sometimes we need a pause and reflect. My way of reflection and relaxing method is through writing which is my outlet for releasing something in mind before I finally resume my work again. I am writing because I think I am also inspiring others, and on a note I know that there are a lot of people behind me to support me. They’re feedbacks are always there to uplift me to continue and keep up everything I do. Keep writing, keep educating and be inspired teacher KJ, for there are a lot of people that you will inspire and more messages will be sent to you.

  6. These “MESSAGES” are my reasons for staying (in the teaching profession). I don’t care about anything else in the school, all I want is to teach and change someone’s life. Cheesy lang pero ‘yun lang. Goodluck sa atin.

  7. Being a teacher is a noble profession. My grandmother has been a school teacher all her life. My mom too and my sister tried teaching as well. I didn’t try as I am not patient. That is why I salute teachers like you! It is indeed fulfilling to read messages from different people that are appreciative of your craft! 🙂 Keep doing what you love !

  8. Awww and it all comes full circle. I felt really inspired reading this and kinda realized how there’s so much power in having someone believe in or see something in you. We all have potential to be whoever we wanna be, and I’m thankful to you teachers for helping us become that.

  9. My mama is a teacher, nakakaproud lang kapag nakakabasa ako ng mga messages from her students na kung gaano sila ka-thankful sa mama ko as their teacher. Salute sa lahat ng mga dakilang guro!

  10. Aww it’s really heartwarming to know you have inspired someone’s life because of your profession. I’ve always had high respect for teachers! Glad to know all your efforts are being recognized one way or another. 💖

  11. I know that you are also inspiring people who are reading this, long time teachers and future educators, they will come across this post and will remind them why they started their profession and find strength from what they have been through as a teacher.

  12. I suddenly remembered my Mom. She was a retired teacher and she loved her profession so much. She was in service for 40 years (as far as I remember). I have high respects for teachers because they are the most dedicated and passionate people that I know in terms of profession. However, it is not for me. Hehe! I’m glad that you chose this path. I know there is so much ahead of you <3

  13. Teaching is tough, but also very important to build a good society. Teachers do an awesome job and a good friend that will give bits of advice that create a remarkable impact on our lives.

  14. Being a teacher is one of the greatest jobs. They devote their time and try their very best to teach the students. My mom and my wife’s mother is a former teacher. Morning devotion to God helps us to grow our spiritual life.

  15. i love those messages. imagine getting it from a student: “in a world full of darkness, you glowed and shared your wisdom”. just goes to show you made an impact in that student’s life. I would be very glad to have you as my sons’ teacher.

  16. its always nice to receive positive messages about what you are doing or simply for having you in their lives. This just hits us. Thanks for this post.

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